Our farm has grown a lot in the last year! We’ve grown a ton of produce and a record number of chickens! Our sales continue to grow, as does our capacity. Our infrastructure needs continue to grow as well as we scale up our operation.

Over the last year we reached out to some friends and family to source financing in the form of a small business loan to the farm. Now we are reaching out to YOU!

We raised funds for several critical projects around the farm – drilling a well, installing electrical service, fencing in our acreage, purchasing planting equipment, and more. We have since achieved record sales and revenues and we want to continue our rapid growth by securing funding to further expand our business.

The funds we are looking to raise will be spent on:

• Sheep and pig herds
• Building with commercial kitchen, poultry processing area, functional space, and more!
• Cargo van for markets and deliveries
• And more!

Supporting our farm with a loan is not just a huge help to us, it can be a smart financial move for you as well. Loan and savings rates are climbing and investing in our farm allows you to reap what you sow! You get paid for your stake in the farm without ever having to play in the dirt or shovel manure!If you are interested in financially supporting the farm, we would sign a promissory note and pay back the funds borrowed with interest each month. It can certainly be a win for us both!

We have documents prepared that we can send you with more information that outlines the scope of our projects, potential financing terms, etc. Please send us a message if interested and we would love to talk further!

Thanks for all the support so far! We are excited to take our operation to the next level with your help! 💚


Click HERE to view our capital raising document with more details. If interested, we can also share a sample promissory note, payment schedule, and business plan.