At Better Place Farm, we want our chickens to live in a better place. That means we raise our chickens as nature intended – roaming the great outdoors on fresh grass every day!

Factory chickens are often raised inhumanely and in unsanitary conditions, never seeing sunlight or grass. Not to mention how they are butchered and processed to make their way to your plate. Chickens raised on pasture don’t even compare. Birds that are lovingly cared for every day living the good life until they leave this world with dignity are infinitely better. They’re so good that we have had vegetarians decide to eat them!

We offer whole frozen chickens, half chickens, and cut up chickens. In addition to offering chicken year-round, we also offer frozen turkey on a limited basis! Holiday turkeys can be pre-ordered in the summer.

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Eggs from Better Place Farm

And oh, those eggs! Our farm fresh eggs taste incredible. The cage-free organic eggs you can buy in the store are often mass-produced and artificially colored by feeding the hens marigold flowers to make their yolks appear darker and more farm-like. Ours are the real deal! Have you tried a fresh egg from a chicken that lives in a pasture, eating bugs and grass and seeds just like nature intended? They are amazing! We have had a number of vegans choose to eat our eggs once they understood what kind of lives our chickens live and how they are cared for.

We are here to grow better food – healthier and more delicious food than you can get at the store or delivered to your door. You can really taste the difference! Better food will help make the world a better place!