Strawberry Plants


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Strawberries are one of our favorite things we grow on the farm! Whether it’s a delicious summertime snack or a tasty jam enjoyed all year long, we love our berries!

We have several varieties available this year, including both June-bearing and ever bearing / day-neutral types. True to the name, June bearing plants typically produce fruit in mid June for 3-4 weeks. Ever bearing varieties produce in June and can continue to yield fruit until mid-fall.

Here are our varieties this season:


 Earliglow Strawberry – June Bearing


An excellent flavored early berry! This strawberry plant produces a medium to large strawberry. This berry has been a favorite for years and no sugar needed. One of the best flavored berries out today with top marks for sweetness!


 Jewel Strawberry – June Bearing

Very good strawberry plant for eating fresh and processing / canning. A great all around berry to have with large to extra large firm strawberries with excellent color. An excellent mid to late season berry with delicious flavor!


Albion Strawberry – Ever Bearing / Day Neutral 

This is an excellent ever bearing variety with tons of flavor. It also has high resistance to disease. It’s fruit is firm and holds up well in storage. It’s a tasty variety that is also great for canning and processing!




Strawberries are sold as bare root plants as shown here. Minimum 10 per order. Discounts for larger quantities! Shipping is available depending on location. Please ask us for details before purchasing.