2022 Turkey Pre-Order


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It’s Turkey Time! Well, almost turkey time anyway. After great success with raising turkeys last year on our pasture, we sold out immediately. This year we are offering the opportunity to reserve yours with our turkey pre-order!

Our baby turkeys arrive from the hatchery in July and they live a great life with our chickens roaming the great outdoors until they head to freezer camp in November. These are not your factory birds raised in a barn with a million of their closest friends. They are healthy birds raised without growth hormones, eating good and living good until they make their way to your plate! Real food, real good!

Your turkey will be ready the week before or the week of Thanksgiving and will come as a whole frozen bird. You may pick it up from the farm, at the farmers market, or you can also have it delivered (location restrictions apply).  

We have a very limited number of turkeys available this year. A deposit is required to pre-order your bird. We are aiming for a target weight of 18lbs, though size will vary due to the gender and other factors. We will do our best to accommodate your preference for a larger/smaller turkey but cannot make guarantees.  

Pre-order deposit is $25 and is non-refundable. Current price is $5/lb. Balance is due upon pickup/delivery.